Our Favorite Kitchen Tools: Masking Tape and a Sharpie!

A glimpse into our pantry. No labels, no calories. Ok, that's a lie.

Purchasing bulk items is great, but without proper labeling you can get lost, your kitchen becomes cluttered, and you end up with multiple bags of the same items. Two things that I utilize most in the kitchen are a roll of masking tape and my trusty Sharpie pen. I learned this lesson while attending college in Utah. At the time, I was working at Wildflour Bakery, where we kept a basket on the edge of the table with a roll of tape and a Sharpie. These tools were essential in a kitchen that relied on storing large quantities of ingredients that had to be stored in recycled containers.
The masking tape and Sharpie are like salt and pepper in our kitchen, they just go together. They share space in a drawer next to the silverware where they are easily at hand. They’re economical, easy to use, and, as long as your penmanship is legible, they keep your temporary labels looking nice. Using the system is simple enough; just write, tear off the piece of tape and stick it to the container of your choosing. The system works especially great for leftovers, just remember to include a date. It is one of those lessons that you only realize years later how valuable it really is, and like so many classic home economics lessons, it’s something you don’t learn in school but should.
So forget about the expensive labeling machines that can take hours to figure out how to use and cost more than they’re worth. For less than $3 you can buy a roll of masking tape and a Sharpie pen. No assembly or instructions required.