Bread Baking 101

(y)our daily bread.

Bread is the staple of the world’s cultures. From every continent you’ll find a variation of bread in one form or another. Naan, bagels, peasant bread, etc. all have three ingredients in common; flour, water, and salt. In our first bread baking class we will teach you how to make a great no-knead bread, a pizza that doesn’t include the generic tomato sauce, a quick soda bread that takes less than an hour, and a quick flat bread. We’ll explain the difference between the different leavenings; yeast, baking soda, baking powder, and wild yeast. As well as, the different flours out on the market and how to utilize them in your home baking.

This class is for beginning and intermediate bakers who want to make a great loaf of bread without hours and days or preparation. Come prepared to play in the flour, eat the best pizza you can find in San Francisco (does anyone know of a great pizzeria in the city?), and leave with breakfast for the next day.

Our cooking tutorial will be held on Tuesday, March 29, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm and Tuesday, April 12, from 6:30-9:00 pm at Velcrow studio, 900 Tennessee Street #21 @20th St. in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. Cost is $50 and includes detailed recipes for everything we prepare and serve.

Purchase your tickets at our Eventbrite page.

Be sure to hurry, as space is limited!

3 thoughts on “Bread Baking 101

  1. Have you been to Zero Zero yet? I’m glad it’s so ridiculously crowded and impossible to get a decent reservation…otherwise I’d be there all the time! =)


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