We’re Back!

Eiffel Tower Duo

You know you’ve had a great vacation if, upon your return, you need a few weeks to decompress. We flew across an ocean, dodged an erupting volcano, rode a bullet train, bicycled the ancient cobble stoned streets of a big European city and flirted with disaster more than once all the while eating and drinking until we couldn’t take any more. That’s how we feel after returning from the food capitol of the world. No, we’re obviously not talking about London, but Paris, or course! Ten days in the most beautiful city in the world and neither one of us feels like we made even the smallest dent in a city that rightly boasts the greatest access to culinary treasures of any city on earth. We also spent five days in London and while we were expecting some truly hideous food, we actually found it to be more foodie friendly than we’d been lead to expect. We even enjoyed black pudding at breakfast (more on English breakfast in coming posts). You could give us ten years in both cities and we’d still need ten more. Over the course of the next month we hope to share our Paris and London food experiences coupled with an occasional sight seeing tip. The stories may not come in a linear fashion, and we may jump back and forth from London and Paris, but the cities have not only inspired us to keep blogging but have upped the ante on our cooking and writing efforts.


Jason & Steve

One thought on “We’re Back!

  1. Sounds like a great adventure. I can’t wait to hear more on your travels and your cuisine experiences. Outside of the awesome Indian food in London, how did you do eat well there? lol
    Glad to have the boys back!


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