Fleur de Sel Caramel

We love jam, too!

You’ve likely seen some reference to sea salt as a flavor/texture enhancement to any number of sweets. It’s all the rage, it seems, and may be approaching over saturation. We’ve seen it in ice cream and chocolate, crème brûlée and caramels. Salty sugary pairings are popping up everywhere. Not that we’re complaining. I have a colleague who makes the most delicious chocolate chunk cookies made even better with sprinkles of beautiful salt crystals. I can’t resist them.

We enjoyed one of our most memorable desert indulgences last year at Portland’s Le Pigeon where dinner ended with foie gras profiteroles sitting on a pool of caramel and finished with a sprinkle of crunch sea salt. That’s right, foie gras ice cream, pate choux and salty caramel. Stop wrinkling your nose, it was amazing!

Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

Our Sunday farmer’s market walk last weekend started with a visit to Eric Haeberli’s and Phineas Hoang’s inspirational WeLoveJam table where Eric was selling jams, kumquat marmalade, BBQ sauce and this amazing fleur de sel caramel sauce. We tasted the jams. Impressive! But the take home for us was a jar of the caramel sauce. We opened it Friday night and served it with almond cake. Amazing! Use it as a simple topping with ice cream, cake or even make your own foie gras profiteroles, if you dare! We’re fans and recommend the duo’s products without reservation.


Steve & Jason

Food for thought.

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