Boca Negra

Are you looking for a chocolate dessert for your next potluck party that will leave friends and family licking their lips and asking for more? This holiday season, try Boca Negra, literally it means ‘black mouth.’ I found the recipe in the cookbook Baking with Julia as I was looking for an unusual and impressive chocolate desert that I could take to Thanksgiving dinner. It took only minutes to throw together in a food processor and baked for only 30 minutes. The dessert is easy enough for the beginner baker, but it’s impressive enough to be on the menu of any four-star restaurant.

The dark chocolate, pudding-like cake is served with a white chocolate ganache. Both the cake and the ganache are spiked with bourbon, a perfect companion to any chocolate dessert. But if you’re opposed to whisky or alcohol you can omit it from both recipes, or replace the bourbon with a different liquor of your liking. A dark rum would be a great substitute.

So if you are running out of time to make that perfect dessert and have a stockpile of chocolate in the kitchen, don’t run to Wal-Mart and buy a pre-made cake. Try making this decadent and rich dessert instead. You’ll be able to tell that everyone is enjoying the cake by their dark mouths as they tell you how wonderful it is. Of course, if you don’t hear a word from them and you see their plates are licked clean, you’ll know you hit the mark.

Instead of reproducing the recipe, here’s a link to Boca Negra, compliments of Dorie Greenspan and Serious Eats!


Bon Appetit!

2 thoughts on “Boca Negra

  1. I have that cookbook and my brother in law once made that cake for a party we were having at my house per my request, with the white chocolate ganache and all. I never tried making it myself (I am sure I can), but seems like a great thing to make for the Valentine’s.


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