Late Summer Bounty!

August piles the farm’s colorful bounty on tables that look as though they can barely contain the massive tangles of green beans, the heaps of fresh new potatoes and more stone fruit than you can imagine. I love these images and the promise they hold of bright, fresh flavors at the table.

Our Baskets Runeth Over!

At this point in the season, the tomatoes and squash are threatening to overtake the farm stalls. Prices are coming down and so the time has come for home canning and freezing in preparation for winter.

Market Wonder

As we scouted around the market this morning, we noticed that a few of our favorites are making their fall debut including firm white fennel bulbs and Gravenstein apples. The Brussels sprouts showed up this week, but they looked like medium sized cabbages. They just weren’t right.

So Much Color

So much of the pleasure we take in the farmer’s market is tied to the visuals of flower and fruit, veggie and pastry. In our little market you can buy brown, cage free eggs, a cactus, a loaf of fresh bread and a package of smoked tofu. We have access to fresh octopus, French plums and Chinese spinach. The corn is now in but we didn’t see much of it selling. People flocked to the melons and peaches.

Sunny Flowers, Cloudy Day

Sunny Flowers, Cloudy Day

Our Buys

We grabbed fresh lobster ravioli and egg fettucini from our favorite pasta vendor. To supplement our weekly produce box, we bought potatoes, an egg plant, fresh herbs, a tomato and a big red onion. We wanted to buy a little of everything, but our fridge is full and we have a box coming from Capay Farms on Tuesday.


The produce is perfect right now. This is THE time of year to visit a farmer’s market. Farm fresh fruits and veggies taste better than the grocery store stuff so why not enjoy them while they’re in season and so accessible? To inspire you, we’re posting the pictures from today’s foray. We hope they inspire you!

The Real Deal!

The Real Deal!

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