The Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market has finally come to our neighborhood. Farm booths line up, tucked into a parking strip dividing the block between Irving and Judah at 8th and 9th Avenues. It’s now well into June and the market’s bounty hints at the summer weeks to come. Lot’s of things are now in season. The strawberries are getting bigger, the tomato varieties are more plentiful and the summer squash are beating their growers in the game to keep them at a manageable size before harvest.

Eating seasonally makes sense if you’re trying to consume the freshest locally produced foods available in the market. There will be much more written on the virtues of eating organic, locally produced food. For now, we’re just happy to say our choices have gotten better.

We’re lucky to live in California where fresh produce comes into local farmers’ markets year-round. If you’d like to know what’s in season in your area, take a look at this useful site. Winter can be tough in certain parts of the country, but taking advantage of the summer market’s bounty by freezing or canning while things are cheap and plentiful can make a huge difference in your winter consumption. Seriously, even if you live in a home that has modest storage capacity, you can put a lot of food up in storage at a fraction of the cost of grocery store shopping. What’s more, you’ll know where the food came from and the people who grew it for you.

For a list of farmers’ markets near you, visit Local Harvest online. This exceptional site allows you to search for farmers and markets in your area. You’ll also find a host of blogs and resources to keep you in the loop on local food trends. Of course, we hope you’ll take note of what’s out there and then step away from your computers, walk outside and head to the nearest market. Enjoy!

Food for thought.

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